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It's Time to Look up: Business in Yellowknife!

A brief guide to doing business in Yellowknife!

It's Time to Look Up: Business in Yellowknife

Northwest Territories Promotional Booklet

This booklet provides a overview of the NWT economy, including the fur, tourism and mining sectors. 

NWT Promotional Booklet

Northwest Territories 2011-2012 Economic Review

This report provides a general overview of the NWT economy, including a focused review of 13 economic sectors.

NWT Economic Outlook 2011-2012

Small Business Profiles 2011

Small business profiles for the NWT compared to the neighbouring jurisdictions of Alberta, the Yukon, and Saskatchewan.  Read more at...

Small Business Profiles 2012

Cold Weather Testing

As soon as you arrive in Yellowknife, you feel the City’s distinctive northern character as a cold climate City.  Our rocky topography is covered for a large part of the year by a blanket of ice and snow as our City bustles with daily activity.  We are a small City with the infrastructure, amenities and services found in a much larger City.  Continue reading at...

Cold Weather Testing in the NWT

Trade and Commerce Report

Just above the 60th parallel, Canada’s Northwest Territories is a long treasured and spectacular travel destination. Aboriginal tradition thrives in communities built on the history of a rich fur trade. Starkly beautiful and intense, the region is pristine–the unofficial home to breathtaking aurora borealis, the midnight summer sun, and the amazing Arctic seacoast.

NWT in Trade and Commerce Magazine 2010